At Columbia’s City Garden School, Third Grade has been busy learning about the origins of modern wheat and its many uses today. We have also talked about the science of how leavened bread rises, whether it be from wild yeast in a sourdough sponge or commercial yeast in a quick bread.

Students cutting herbs to put in our bread dough.

Recently we got to experience the delicious magic of bread right in our own classroom. Being third graders, the students really liked the funny description of the yeast eating the sugars and “belching” out carbon dioxide, and enjoyed seeing the bubbly yeast in action.

Tasting the bread

After reading a recipe together, students measured and mixed the rest of the ingredients, and we monitored the bread’s progress all day as it baked in the bread machine. I must say, the smell of warm bread made for an awfully cozy atmosphere all day long! It was a wonderful experience, and we will most certainly do it again. Stay tuned for more class updates on our City Garden School blog!

We approve! The bread was delicious!